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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The First Step is the Hardest (otherwise known as the obligatory intro post)

How much sense can I not make today, hmm?

    I've decided to blog for a few reasons. Partially because I don't want to forget, partially because it could keep me sane( or make me crazier) and part other things that I'll end up thinking of later but won't end up telling you about because I'm lazy and won't edit my posts(did that need hyphens? I think it might've). Now, on to background.

     I was born in England, I now live in Oklahoma. For all the years I've lived here, I'm not sure I actually identify as an Oklahoman- this is, I suppose ironic as I'm going to be representing Oklahoma and the U.S. in a few weeks. I'm not sure if this is because I'm fundamentally bizarre- to be frank I'm not entirely sure I've ever hit baseline normal- or because neither of my parents hold any great amount of enthusiasm for Oklahoma.

     In spite of my ever present need to sabotage myself, I've managed to get into the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, and will be leaving for Taipei on August 19th. I am by turns apathetic, excited, and anxious. Although, since my counselor contacted me,  there's more excitement and anxiousness than apathy. My forays into chinese are slow moving and I am studiously ignoring and freaking out over the fact that I might not get enough done before I leave.

     My rotary club has been great so far, especially my Youth Exchange Officer(YEO) Renee. Seriously, I'm not sure how she puts up with me. I put in my application in December( after the deadline, mind) and these lovely people were kind enough to find something in me that they felt worthy enough of sending on to the District- where I then proceeded to bungle my first interview, but do much better on my second. To be honest, I expected Rotary to be a group of polite acquaintences who met every so often with a pretty veneer of believing in their work and would treat me politely but not have much to do with me. My was I suprised when I realized they believe in everything they are doing, they're friends and coworkers, and they've welcomed me into the fold( so much that they want weekly updates. I'm a tad daunted). My District YEO Jaci has given me so much to help me that I couldn't begin to think of doing this without her help( or Renee's for that matter). Little did I know this much information wasn't exactly standard. I still haven't properly thanked her. I truly didn't expect such an outpouring of warmth and praise and confidence and I want to thank everyone for welcoming me and being such awesome people. Seriously, Sometimes I wonder at the state of our world, then I see people like Rotarians and I feel better because there is some good in the world ( this then makes me wonder what exactly our society is that it thrives on crime shows and the like).


This thing has a tag equivalent. *hearts*

 I've lost my train of thought; I hate it when that happens.

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