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Friday, July 22, 2011

Things That Have Happened to Me

It's Update Time.

Soooooo, My counselor contacted me last Wednesday. My first host sisters contacted my not long after, and my host brother for my second family contacted me soon after that.

Things I Know:
1) I'm going to Taipei, Taiwan (or Taiwan, Taipei as they do in Taiwan)
2) I'm going to the National Taipei College of Business which, actually is a college and high school in one, I'm not sure which part I'm going to, or even if it works like that. It might work like concurrent-enrollment.
3) My Host sister Katy and my Host brother Covinfox are going to Kansas this coming year.
4)My Host sister Joyce just came back from her exchange to San Antonio.
     a) this is good because:
          1) she knows English.
          2) she sorta knows about my area
          3) She know what I'll be going through as an exchange student.
     b) this could be bad because:
          1) she knows English, and I'm afraid I won't work as hard at my Chinese.
5) My parents in my first host family are a cosmetologist and a businessman.
6) My parents in my second host family are a housewife and an antique salesman- which is cool, because I like really old things. Neither of them are very good at English, but that's ok.
7) I will also have two elementary-age brothers in my second host family. It will be interesting since I have a younger brother and sister, but they're pretty close to my age.
8) After all this, I forgot to notify my YEO. I have decided that I am officially awesome- the awesome comes drenched in a lovely sarcasm sauce-tangy with just a tidge of basil-, of course.
9) Serious contemplation of my decisions and/or what will happen on my exchange can cause hysteria and the not-heretofore unknown notion that I have a larger inadequacy issue than I care to think about. Also, It usually necessitates tea.
10) It's much harder for things to go wrong when you've a nice hot sup of tea in your hands
      a) I'm taking my tea to Taiwan.
             1)My sister will be ecstatic when it's out of the cupboard.

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