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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Post the Third( or one of those ones with a really uncreative title)

Because I should update before I can talk myself out of it

Because it's half two in the morning- it's not really,not just yet, I just like typing half-two- this probably won't make much sense and look more like bits of literature randomly stuck together than an actual post

So, I have gotten my guarantee form. I flailed about the house and made weird noises for about ten minutes then set to examining the innards of my fed-ex envelope.Inside I found:
  • 2 guarantee forms
  • 1 education agreement
  • 1 tour Taiwan giant pamphlet thing( visitor's guide)
  • 1 Taipei metro thing, bilingual
  • 1 set of rules
  • 2 maps of Taipei( one tourist, one not)
  • 1letter from the Dept of Education
  • and 1 agreement from my host school (and a list of everything in my packet)
However, I don't have my class list or my  letter of sponsorship which my agency tells me i need for my visa.
So, I have contacted people over there in the hopes that they can be found and, because there isn't much I can do about it except pester people( not one of my favorite pastimes), am trying not to worry about it- which, it seems, is my natural state of being( a bit of a double edged sword, I'm afraid. I've not got much in the way of a medium switch). I'm half determined to memorize the metro pamphlet and at least know the maps( half because I know me, and if I set it into stone, I'll not do it at all).

right, in the interests of keeping up the list-theme here are some goals( that may or may not come to fruition once I post this):
1. be able to hold a simple conversation in Chinese.
2. Be able to hold a conversation in school in Chinese.
3. be able to read all of the metro signs and not just recognize them, but understand them.
4.be able to talk to people- this support network thing is weird, good, but weird.( this isn't just a Chinese goal,   btw)
5.finish those thank-you notes for camp I still haven't finished(I Am Slower Than Molasses At 0 degrees Kelvin You Guys)
6. be able to understand what's going on in school- I read a blog about a girl who never got to know her classmates and I don't want to end up like her( she'd already graduated like I have and so didn't feel the need to participate in classes because she didn't need them for anything)
7.( will fill when thought of)

Ta-da! now let's see if I can do them.

More updates:
 Renee, my YEO and Chinese tutor, has lent me some Chinese movies, and has invited me to meet her in-laws tomorrow ( or is it today?). They're from Taiwan( seriously, HOW did I get so lucky?) so I'll be able to practice. Also, she(renee) apparently has a Chinese box set of Studio Ghibli films(Squee)- spirited away isn't in there, but that's ok, everyone does spirited away.

I have my address for my first host family and have google-earthed them with little success.

I have been reading too much fanfiction. You didn't need to know that, but maybe posting it'll make me kick the habit (hah).

It hasn't really sunk in that there are last anythings. they'll probably hit me on the plane( if I can ever get my visa) and I'll spazz and my poor seatmate won't have a clue what to do( lets hope it's not an outbounder if I do spaz, I don't really want to subject him/her to that)

I've realized I use quite a few British terms, yet I'm American. This is possibly due to a mild case of anglophilia- they have tea, how can they be bad :)- or too much Doctor Who.

now I'm really going off topic, I'll stop now.
Aside: when sleep deprivation and typing mix, their babies look a lot like red squiggles crossed with gibberish.
Oh spell check, the words you come up with  :P

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