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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ok, so I Lied

yes, yes, I know. but there was a probably in that last post

I'm actually supposed to be in bed right now. 5:15 is going to come awfully early.

AAAnyways, I felt I needed to say something before takeoff, so, ta-da.

I've determined my emotions usually run sort of like tides. they move in and out slow and steady. They rise until I either let them break the levee or build the levee higher ( I suppose that's not entirely correct. I don't think you use levees for tides.). Well, they rise and fall when they're not impersonating jack-in-the-boxes, that is.

Everything is packed, my patch is on my blazer, my visa is here.
I'm going to bawl on the plane I know it. Everything is going to rush in like a storm surge and I'll start bawling. I do so despise crying in public :[

Things that are going to be different:
no scrubby trees
no brown grass
no cows
no buffalo
no small town
no pB&J
very little english
very little , if any, american food
lots of chopsticks
lots of fish

Ok, I'm not as nervous anymore.
Will call in a month( if I can stay away from the computer that long)
Ta Lovelies

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