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Sunday, October 16, 2011

hao jiu bu jian! Long time no see!

Romanized because I can't work out the be pe me fe

Hello darlings,

So, those of you who are very observant might notice that I've been missing awhile, and have watched my one month deadline fly by with the ease of someone who forgot all about it. I suppose there is a little forgetting, but blogging, like so many other things in life( especially with me), is one of those things that takes awhile to start back up once you stop. I got here ok, and have settled in well. I'm starting to have a few bumps, but It's ok, I'd be more concerned if I wasn't .Currently, I'm riding the sort of high that only comes from fresh air and sunshine and lots of childish glee (Thank you xinbeitou and the weather). You'll get more later, this is just the hello post. Most of it will be edited versions of my journal, but hopefully, I'll get to a point where I'll be able to write with out having to resort  to fuzzy memory and journal pages.

My writing is still heinously disjointed.

Ta till later



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